CGA Rules

  1. In order to participate at CosplayGEN Awards, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a basic conversation level in English.

  2. CGA 2017 is comprised of 5 categories, each with a specific number of finalists and winners that will take part in the Grand Ceremony in Davos, Switzerland. You can submit for only one category. The categories are: Best Costume (4 finalists), Best Armor (2 finalists), Best Prop (2 finalists), Best Photographer (1 winner), Best Videographer (1 winner).

  3. The participants must submit their own work. The entire cosplay - costume, accesories, props, makeup, wig styling, etc must be the participant's work. It is not madatory to send work in progress pictures, but you can send them nonetheless if you wish.

  4. For the cosplay category (costume, armor, prop), we require 3-10 pictures of the same costume.

  5. The finalists and winners of CGA 2016 that were invited to Davos last year can participate after one year break (in 2018).
    Exception: the winner of the CGA 2016 Community Award, Shappi Workshop, because we won't have a Community Award this year.

  6. The semi-finalists from last year (2016) who didn’t qualify in the finals are welcome to participate, but with a different costume. Other submissions from last year that didn't make it in the semi-finals can participate with any costume.

  7. Cosplayers should send only one costume for their submission.
    It is not mandatory to participate with a brand new material. We accept older cosplay work as well.

  8. The finalists will come to Davos in the costume with which they participated, unless there are exceptional reasons that don't allow transportation of the costume (in which case they can choose a different costume).

  9. The cosplayers who submit photos must have the prior permission of their photographer for the respective photo.

  10. It is recommended (but not compulsory) that the costume is visible in the photo in its entirety.

  11. If you submit for specific sections (e.g. - props) the focus must be on the part that you submit for (e.g.: a clear and complete image of the prop).

  12. The photos must be submitted on the specific form provided by CosplayGEN on the CGA website.

  13. Photographers can submit 4-15 photos of their work (from different photoshoots, of various costumes).

  14. For the cosplay categories, each participant must also provide a clear photo of the character and the costume used as inspiration source, in which the costume must be completely visible.

  15. A photographer can submit for the Best Cosplay Photography category the same photo submitted by the cosplayer in one of the cosplayer-related categories. However, in order to encourage equal chances and diversity, a cosplayer is NOT allowed to submit for more than one (1) cosplayer-related category.

  16. A videographer can submit any cosplay video material, irrespective of size, theme, focus, arrangement or video format. Examples include con videos, music videos, short films, documentaries, reportage, etc. We also accept links to works published by the videographer on any video-sharing website, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion.

  17. The participants must be able to travel to Switzerland around 26 – 28 May 2017, in case they are among the finalists (e.g.: to be able to take free days from work/school etc.)

  18. For Best Videographer Award, we accept one video per person.

  19. The cosplayers and photographers who submit the photos explicitly give CosplayGEN the permission to use the submitted photos in order to promote the CosplayGEN Awards project.

  20. The first preliminary selection will be made by the CosplayGEN editorial team. The selection for all the subsequent stages will be made by a specialized jury made of 13 members, which will be publicly announced.

  21. The CGA 2017 Team will cover all the expenses (flight, accommodation, meals) for the finalists invited to the Grand Ceremony in Davos. However, The CGA 2017 Team will not be responsible in the (unlikely) event of any loss or damage (indirect, special, incidental, etc) occurred during the entire period of the travel. We will offer all the support available if such improbable event occurs. We highly recommend you to get a travel insurance.